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How It Works

The Best Things About Your Workplace From the People Who Know it Best

Proko is the Positivity Platform that allows anyone to share the best things about their work and workplace.

All of your Employer Branding Content in One Place 

Proko allows your employees to easily share good things about your culture and career opportunities, or simply acknowledge the people that are making work great.

  • Create e-cards and other shareable assets that employees can select, personalize, and share.

  • Import content to an easy-to-use, customizable microsite.

  • Track sharing activity and leverage those insights for future employer branding and employee advocacy activities.

Bring Your Messages to the Mainstream

It only takes a few minutes for your employees to start sharing your content. With our simple sharing capabilities and integrations, employees can easily download ecards or other assets and share them through email and on social media. 

Boost Employee Engagement with Proko Polls and Surveys

Your employees appreciate the opportunity to have a hand in your employer branding activities. Proko Polls and Surveys allow your employees to reveal emotions and sentiment around their experience, and give you the ability to capture inspiring stories to share.


  • Build multiple surveys and polls using our Proko Polls and Survey Builder.

  • Track answers and leverage those insights for future employer branding and employee advocacy activities.

Reward Positive Contributions with Gamification

Encourage engagement and healthy competition with Proko’s gamification capabilities. The Proko leaderboard gives employees the motivation and incentive to share, and gives you the opportunity to celebrate top advocates in your company.

Track Activity with Our Robust Reporting Capabilities

If you’re wondering how all of your employer branding and employee advocacy efforts are performing, our reporting capabilities allow you to view what content is being shared the most, how it’s being shared, and which employees are sharing the most content.

Onboard New Employees Swiftly

Create a custom category just for welcoming new employees and connect them quickly with your mission, culture, values, colleagues and other important info to help them ramp up quickly. 

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