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About Us

Why We Exist.

Proko exists to allow employees to share the best things about their work and workplace. By combining the benefits of rewards and recognition, storytelling, employee referrals, and recruitment marketing, Proko makes it easy for your employees to share the good things about your culture and career opportunities, or simply recognize the people that are making work great.


It’s very easy to lose sight of the things we're grateful for because we are always so focused on the tasks at hand.

At Proko, we believe these factors prevent the positive elements of a company's culture from getting out. And sometimes, employees just need to be reminded about the things they loved on their very first day.


That’s why we created a platform where polls and surveys remind employees of what inspires them and they can easily share the through email or social platforms. Proko builds a culture of gratefulness and connections to your mission vision and brand.

Want to See What Proko Can Do For You?

Let’s chat. Set up some time with us to see how you can get started.

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